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Everything You Need To Know About A Cord Of Firewood

For those of you who love to sit by a toasty fire under the stars to get away from all your day-to-day hustles, it's time you understand which firewood or cord of firewood will be perfect for your needs. ATo enjoy the most relaxing moments by a warm and comfortable fire in the comfort of your own home, you need to learn how to buy the right amount of firewood. Before you begin searching for the perfect affordable

for your home, continue reading the guide below.

Things to Know Before Buying Firewood

While many individuals love to head out and chop down their favorite wood themselves, some prefer to shop them from online stores, unaware of the laws and precisely what they are buying. With the many ways in which a cord of firewood is sold, the ones available in small bags and boxes sound more convenient than those where you buy in large quantities. You also need to understand all the legal and illegal ways someone can sell firewood. You also need to gain knowledge of the various legal units of measurements like the cubic meter, the cord, and the cubic foot.

What Precisely is a Cord of Firewood?

A cord is generally a term or a unit of measurement used for measuring different types of firewood. However, the standard way to measure woods is by volume. Most people in the firewood industry use cord for measuring woods when buying and selling. A full wood cord generally measures upto 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and is precisely 128 cubic feet in volume. Although different states have different rules and regulations for measuring cords, hence you must ask your firewood providers about their standard cords.

Reliable firewood selling companies like North End Firewood would get your full cord containing 700 units of firewood in New Canaan delivered right to your doorstep at reasonable prices.

Some of the Phrases & Cord-Related Terms

If your usual hang-around buddies are all woodchoppers or loggers, you would probably be tired of their uncommon and tricky cord-related phrases. Below are some terms related to a cord of firewood you should know.

  • Stove Cord- When individuals purchase firewood for their stove, this term is generally used. However, there is no standard measurement for a stove cord. The firewood in a stove is approximately 12 inches long and often made short to fit in your stove perfectly. It also measures 4 feet high by 8 feet long by 12 inches deep.

  • Running Cord- A running cord is generally used to describe all the pieces of firewood stacked together in a parallel position or precisely to represent a full cord of firewood.

  • Sheldon Cord- It is used to represent an order of firewood. However, there is no standard way to measure a Sheldon cord; it typically measures more than a full cord.

Looking for an Online Store to Buy a Cord of Firewood Logs? Contact Us!

If you are searching for a reliable and trustworthy online store from where you can purchase affordable cords of firewood or premium wood logs in New Canaan, consider contacting North End Firewood. We have a top-notch reputation in offering high-quality kiln-dried firewoods and quality seasoned woods. Reach out to us to learn more about the different types of firewoods we provide at reasonable prices.

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